That Denim gUY


Substance Never Goes Out Of Style.

I thought this was a cOOl lOOK


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Only the beginning

This photo brings me to old french style homes in the New Orleans french quarter; especially the french doors which reflect over his shoulder. His arm placement, his flannel, the scarfs, his gloves, and the unlaced brogues all display freedom of self-expression which fills the city regardless of its circumstances. The crack between his legs are vital, it seems to perfectly split him into half. The rough exteriors around his head aren’t as captivating without the calm smooth pavement that surrounds his feet. Create your own colours and finish his story……….where does he go from this position?

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Every damn step

I had a meeting with Emily to discuss the best possible denim materials for the Dudley Blumesfields  slime standards(which are going to be sick) and denim chinos. I would like to keep everything domestic or american cone mill but the japanese do it the best……I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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Shopping LA

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but you all know how that goes when your consistently working all the time. This is the new Gap 1969 store which carries all their A+ denim pieces and more. The prices are cheap(you get what you pay for) and the location is great, you’ll be surprised of what they have to offer. So! If you’re looking for that perfect pair of inexpensive raw denim this is the place for you…… gift to you.

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Who is Jean Leon

A new super group has emerged from the dust and settles in the west; Seattle Washington to be exact. I can’t speak too much on the subject but check out the video I did…….listen to the music must of all.

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Flea-market buys

Sunday morning flea-markets are the best for two reason; the people and of course the great shit you find each week. This gentlemen displays to you hand-made shoes from mexico in-which had no shoe size, tags or labels. He told me that rich persons in mexico would wear these to distinguish themselves. However if you weren’t so fortunate to sport a pair of these a person would wear sandals made from the same leather material. When I first glanced at this wonderful hand crafted pieces of art I thought…..”These are perfect for summer'” and with that currency was exchanged and into my duffel bag they rest. Building a closet full of interesting stories creates character in any mans lifestyle……”Substance within style.”

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I love Sundays

I wish I could pull off this look…..Here are some shades that wont be releasing any time soon or even ever. 

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I’ll be working with Texas artist Carter on a few future projects which I’m extremely excited about.

The beer deck is classic, no one kid ride a 40 like “J Ugh.” I had to catch a snap shot of LiL Mikes Wood Wood Jesus piece(I’m so jealous) which at first was neatly tucked away in his shirt.

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I got my official Hear’em Say pin today…….super excited, you guys should be hearing more from this guy pretty soon.

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Here’s one look from “the strength of black” test shoot at me casa. I love DeVon in this picture, he seems to be placed into the room like a statue. The scarf could be made of word  or clay and his boy of wax…… see the art in the photo, how there’s just some random guy in the frame or how the images on the wall fade out…….every thing comes together.

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